11-Aside Rosters

11-Aside Disclaimer

11-Aside team rosters are listed below. Please note that Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club reserves the right to move players from one team to another before the player movement deadline. In some cases, players may be added to rosters. If you have any questions, please contact Ioan Florean (ioandunbrack@gmail.com).

11-Aside Disclaimer

The following are the tentative lists for our two U15AAA Boys teams. The first team consists of 2nd year players only. The second team is a combination of 1st and 2nd year players. The second team will provide players with an opportunity to develop in an 11-aside environment, which would not be available to them if we just had one team. Please note that these teams are not final, and the club may move players at their discretion. We are planning a parent meeting to discuss the expectations for this program. Once we secure a suitable meeting place you will be informed. Thank you for your patience.

11-Aside Rosters

U15AAA Boys Red

Coach: Eddie Gavas

Asst Coach: Charles McNally

Asst Coach: David Glover


Mateo Abaunza

Nicholas Branton

William Dockeray

Andrew Glover

Julius Halef

Muhammed Hamo

Josh Jennix (pending)

Adam Kamoun

Alex Kunovac

Ryan McCullogh

Chad McNally

Samuel Nette

Alex Paraskevopoulos

Josh Paris

Lachlan Roach

Will Robichaud

Yanni Salloum

Mohammed Wahdan (pending)

Joseph Walsh

11-Aside Rosters

U15AAA Boys Black

Coach: Oussama Bedoui

Coach: Adrian Oncel


Judi Alossi

Jonas Anderson

Gian Bailie Abidi

Toby Craig

Nathan Davison

Freddie Francis

Kaelen Gallo

Logan Gervais

Thomas Green

Brodie Harris

Mikey Henneberry

Evan Hennigar

Lucas Kelaj

Marcus Kelaj

Tristan Kelloway

Owen Leights

Braeden MacLellan

Gavin Savoie

Narayan Tiwari

Abood Wahdan


11-Aside Rosters

U17AAA Boys

Coach: Mike Trifos

Coach: Ioan Florean


Nebeyu Abay

Ali Ali

Daniel Arancibia

Seif Asmail

Noah Baird

Mitchell Brouwer

Connor Burns

Jonah Cameron

Jude Cameron

Nicholas Fakhory

Alexander Florean

Riley Forbes

Jordan Gilmer

Gavin Green

Alan Hamo

Nicholas Keith

Matthew McKinnon

Ethan Pancura

Matthew Purdy

Brendan Stuttard

11-Aside Rosters

U15AAA Girls

Coach: Jonathan Hamond

Asst Coach: Ioan Florean


Jaida Allt

Hannah Aris

Erika Cox

Sam Crawford

Adora de la Chevotiere

Georgia Gavas

Sophie Gonzales

Lauren Jackson

Brooklyn King

Kate MacNeil

Heidi McCullogh

Antoinette Mutipula (pending)

Shannon O’Callaghan

Elle O’Connell

Isabelle Patten

Ariana Rodriguez

Sierra Sarty

Kate Scholz

Iriana Theoharopoulos

Maria Zervobeakos

11-Aside Rosters

U17AAA Girls

Coach: Roy Snook

Asst Coach: Rick Betyna


Akwaima Akpan

Zaina Awad

Allyson Betyna

Isabella DiQuinzio

Adi Glozman

Kamryn Hubley

Lily Lindstrom

Maja Kolanko

Claire MacDonald

Isabel McEwing

Ruth Sangster

Thaila Sayle Plaggenhoef

Emma Sigurdson

Xenia Theoharopoulos

Katie Trifos

Erin Watts