Skill Centre W2022



Skill Centre Program – Winter 2022


The HDSC Skill Centre Program is designed for players who desire a more challenging and competitive playing environment. The primary goal of the program is to assist the player in reaching their maximum potential in a fun and social environment. Training sessions follow the Canada Soccer Association LTPD player model focusing on fundamental skills while reinforcing the principles of game play. Skill Centre sessions provide more intense, focused training on skill development to create technically proficient players while growing their love of the game. Players are split in groups, rotating through a multiple of activities, led by qualified Dunbrack coaches or technical staff. All HDSC coaches are encouraged and expected to complete requirements by Soccer Nova Scotia including soccer program specific training, Making Ethical Decisions (MED), Respect in Sport (RIS) and valid police checks. This program follows the HDSC performance player pathway, and feeds our Community, Development and High Performance streams. 


Our Technical Director David Hannah will be available to guide and support all Skill Centre players, team staff and technical leads. The success of this program is dependent on volunteer coaches assisting our technical staff. Please consider volunteering your time to make the Skill Centre Program the best it can be! Players seeking a fun, less competitive soccer environment should consider the Grassroots Program.


Program Overview

Age Level

Year of Birth

Tentative Program Duration




16 Weeks (October 23 – February 27)




16 Weeks (October 23 – February 27)




16 Weeks (October 23 – February 27)




16 Weeks (October 23 – February 27)


Program Details


  • U8 and U9:  2 training sessions per week (gym and turf), plus league games
  • U10 and U11:  2 training sessions per week (gym and turf), plus league games
  • Training schedules are to be determined and will be posted to our website under the "Training Schedule" tab when confirmed.
  • Game schedules are still to be confirmed by the Nova Scotia Soccer League (NSSL).