November 2021 Dunbrackian of the Month

Congratulations Matt Fredricks



November 2021 Dunbrackian of the Month

Matt has been crowned as November's Dunbrackian of the month because of his willingness to volunteer and his incredible commitment to the Dunbrack Soccer Club. Not only has he been an active board member and volunteer for multiple years but he's been integral to the success of the Ratomir tournament. At the tournament he volunteered to source, manage and work the refreshment tent-not an easy undertaking. 

As well as being a volunteer, Matt has stepped up to coach not one but two teams this summer when volunteers were limited. He's a real team player, running practises with the U10 and U12B boys + goalie training. 

Matt was at the field 5-6 days a week for 2-3 hours at a time often back-to-back with different teams. 

This did not go without rewards though, he managed to help every payer on both teams to improve, through his natural ability to connect with the kids. 

The club would like to thank Matt for his dedication to our club and its members.