Dunbrackian of the Month

Dunbrackian of the Month: Mike Trifos, August 2021


Dunbrack Soccer is pleased to announce, August’s Dunbrackian of the Month award goes out to a mentor and long-standing coach, Mike Trifos.


This award is given each month to a member of Dunbrack, who has been instrumental in driving their own success as a player or who has had a positive impact on their club during the past month. This award recognizes a club member such as an athlete, coach, manager, board member or parent for taking a leadership role in such areas as: athletic competition, administration, community service or fundraising.


When one thinks of Dunbrack it is likely that the name Mike Trifos also comes to mind.  He is a pillar in the club and someone you can almost guarantee you will gladly run into on the pitch. He is not only generous with his time teaching and mentoring players and coaches on the field but is committed to helping members of the soccer community off the field as well.

Mike’s commitment to the club this month went above and beyond. He helped players with their learning and development at training and at games. He mentored both new and experienced coaches. He consistently made himself available with short notice to cover for coaches and was an incredible support to Technical Staff.


Mike Trifos has a great passion and love for the game and we are so very fortunate to call him our own!


A huge congratulations to Mike! Thank you for

your incredible contribution to the club!!