Demo Session

Passing Exercise

This screen shows a team going through two warm-up routines. As coach, you can show this progression as a full-screen video. You can also use the button controls (or drag on the pitch with your mouse) to view the session from the ideal angle to demonstrate each routine in turn.





With a Membership, you will be able to use the session editing tool, which makes creating sessions a breeze. Just:

  • Click on a pre-set pitch and angle it as required
  • Change the grass style if desired
  • Drag players and equipment onto the screen, and rotate them to face the right way
  • Drag letters or number markers onto the screen to aid explanations
  • Select lines with a click, and draw them on the pitch.
  • A final positioning, add comments and titles, select a category, and save

Your session is complete!

Attacking Combinations

A session can have up to seven progression screens. You can:

  • Keep them private, share them with your club or the community
  • Re-edit them, or clone and customise to make an old session the basis of a new one
  • Print-out, distribute as PDF, download the session to copy up to your own web site
  • View on a mobile phone on the pitch, present in full-screen, or print-out in colour or black & white.