Coaching Standards

Regardless of the coaching position, Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club has expectations of its coaching staff, most of which are “common sense”. Please review the following club policies regarding coach expectations and commitment level:

  • Coaches are a role model and must lead by example. Coaches set the standard for acceptable behavior by exhibiting exemplary behavior at all times. 
  • Coaches exhibit proper behavior, fair play, respect and sportsmanship towards all parties at every practice, game, tournament or at any related events. 
  • Coaches understand that their actions, good and bad, reflect directly not only on themselves, but also on the team, and the club. A team’s and club’s reputation are built on behavior, courtesy, sportsmanship, principles and playing ability. 
  • Coaches understand that their first priority is the safety of the players assigned to their team. Coaches will be on time for practices and games and will not leave an event, game or practice site until all of their team’s players are with their responsible parent or guardian. 
  • Coaches will be enthusiastic with all players, motivating and encouraging them through positive reinforcement. 
  • Coaches will provide a well-organized, fun, safe and disciplined practice environment. Sessions will adhere to club coaching principles. 
  • Coaches understand that players will be at different skill levels. At all times, coaches will treat the players fairly and work hard to develop the players that are not at the same level. 
  • Coaches understand that they must do a Formal Player Evaluation at least once per season. Feedback from HDSC coaches is a vital tool for the player’s development. 
  • Coaches will provide cooperation to coaches within their team’s age group and club and will work together with other HDSC coaching staff, technical leads and club administrative staff. 
  • Coaches will never post inappropriate pictures and/or statements in any form of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Team Snap, Spond, or other platforms. 
  • Coaches will always ask permission and get approval from the coach and technical lead regarding borrowing any club player. This approval must be received prior to contacting the player, or the parents of the player. 
  • Coaches will ensure that they wear HDSC coaching gear while representing the club and will make sure that all players wear their league-approved uniforms in a proper and complete fashion, including shin guards. 
  • Coaches will conduct a parents group meeting at the start of every season to provide clarity with regards to goals of the program, coach’s expectations for individual players and the team, as well as rules and guidelines.